OneTouch Smart Home's Home Control Systems feature built-in security and fire systems as well as many other great features. The family home control systems consists of the Omni IIe and the Omni Pro II with expander boards available, to meet virtually all size, sophistication, and pricing requirements.

Because your home automation system is monitoring your home's security system it can be set up to take one or more actions when certain events occur. Such actions include the following:

  • Change a setting that the home automation system controls. Eg lighting
  • Send e-mail notifications
  • Send text message notifications
  • Make voice announcements over the speakers in the house
  • Call up to 8 different phones to provide notification
  • Post a message on every Touchscreens that stays up until it is acknowledged.

Security Features

  • UL-Listed Burglary and Fire (Learn more about UL)
  • Fully configurable security zones, expandable
  • Wireless security options
  • Supports 2 and 4 wire smoke detectors
  • Supervised zones, battery and bell circuits
  • Digital Communicator for Central Station Monitoring
  • Voice and pager dialler
  • True partitioning for security and control
  • Event log with time and date

Reliable Safety & Security

The HAI system uses embedded controller technology in its home control systems, a technology proven to be reliable for decades of use. HAI controllers have no fans, disk drives, or other moving parts to fail. All HAI products can work in a stand-alone fashion so they are not dependent on any other products in the house. There is no single part that can cause an entire system to fail.

Security & Fire Protection

Our controllers are UL Listed (Learn more about UL), CP01 compliant security and fire systems. They detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other hazards with wired or wireless sensors. The security code for the nanny, housekeeper, or contractor can be set up to only work during specified times. The systems can communicate with a central monitoring station and can dial up to 8 additional phone numbers chosen by the owner for voice notification. If desired, a controller can be integrated with the security panel to allow for security activated and emergency lighting, and temperature control.

  • Never have to change a battery again. Smoke alarms are hardwired into the home automation system for you safety.
  • In the event of a fire have the HVAC system turn off to stop the spread of smoke and prevent more air from feeding.
  • Have the multi-room audio system announce which zones have been activated, switch on the lighting in the house and light up the safest passage out.
  • Flash the outside lights on and off in an emergency to help services locate the home
  • Press one button to turn on every light in the house if something goes bump in the night

Convenience & Control

There are multiple options to control your home security system, both from either inside or outside the home.

Install a OneTouch in your home and fully integrate your home security system with internet, digital media and home control. The 21" high definition multi-touch screen provides the flexibility to control all of your security needs, including monitoring cameras, activating/deactivating alarms, monitoring zones, and viewing the event log history.

Remote Alarm Control

Activate and deactivate your alarm from computer, iPhone or smart phone any time, any where in the world.

Event History

Never get caught out again. With OneTouch or on your smart phone you can see a date and time of when the alarms were set/unset or activated.

See who forgot to lock the house or how long the cleaner/trades person stayed to match up with your invoice, or just peace of mind your children have arrived home safely from school.

Ever had the alarm go off, a text message sent to you, only to rush home and find the family pet going about their usual business, or even worse yet, had it monitored by a professional to get charged $200 an hour for a call out.

Now with remote monitoring on your iPhone or smart phone simply see which zones have been activated, or check the CCTV cameras live feed, and if there is no threat reset the alarm.



On vacation and worried about the safety of your home? View live cameras or record footage to be viewed at your convenience. Cameras can be viewed on the OneTouch, over the Internet, and on your Smartphone.

Video analytics, also known as intelligent video surveillance, has the capability of automatically analysing video to detect and determine temporal events not based on a single image.

Many different functionalities can be implemented in video analytics, Motion Detection is one of the simpler forms. More advanced functionalities include tracking just people, vehicles, or detection of movement from or to specific areas.

  • Integrate any IP camera, indoor or outdoor, day or night time with analytics.
  • Check up on children, elderly relatives, or from the office.
  • When the front door bell rings or motion is detected in the pool area or driveway, the video feed can automatically appear on the OneTouch or TV in your home.
  • Record video based upon time, event, or motion. View recorded video at your convenience. View full screen surveillance video from your OneTouch or TV in the house.

Phone Communication Backup

HAI's Two-Way Cellular Communication Center is an excellent option for security and/or automation installations where there is no land line or as added protection if the main phone is cut.It dials out using a cellular network to communicate with a central monitoring station. It also allows telephone calls to be made or received over the Cellular network using a land line telephone in the home. The central station can call the homeowner for verification in the event of an alarm.

Additional Features

  • Central control for security, lighting and temperatures
  • Audio Control (OmniPro II)
  • Built-in telephone access with voice menu
  • Built-in modem for remote programming and status
  • Built-in Ethernet port for over the Internet remote programming and status
  • Built-in serial port(s) for Connectivity Partners

Keyless Entry (Access Control)

The security system also acts as the eyes and ears of your home to initiate other automation, safety and security functions, such as lighting, sound, on/off or temperature changes based on motion, schedules or door openings.

  • The Two-Way Voice Module will allow someone to broadcast announcements through the phone over selected zones of your multi-room audio system. If enabled, messages will broadcast through a zone, even if it is turned off.
  • Access control can be customised to a specific user in the form of a code, card or convenient keytag. Allow and restrict individuals levels of security and access by zones, time of day or day of the week, and even specific dates.
  • Keyless entry with the 4 button key fob, program buttons to activate any home control feature. Unlock the house, open the garage, deactivate the alarm and turn on heating & lighting with one push of a button.
  • A panic/alert pendant can trigger outgoing phone calls up to 8 different numbers, an e-mail notification, or video surveillance recording.
  • Swiping a card can disarm the alarm, release the door lock, light a pathway into the house, change the temperature, and turn on several zones at certain volumes anywhere in the home.
  • Because each card or key tag is tied to a specific user all of the actions can also be customised to suit each individual.
  • HAI offers a high security, digitally encrypted, proximity card reader that connects to an HAI Home Control System.
  • Use either a standard credit card sized Access Control Card or the convenient Access Control Keytag to access the system.
  • HAI offers an Access Control Keypad that is weatherproof and vandal resistant. 

Intrusion Detection

Most criminals who burgle homes are looking for an easy hit; a house that they can break into quickly and leave without being detected. There's no fail-proof way to keep out a burglar, but every little bit of prevention, detection and deterrence helps.

ili has numerous ways to prevent a robbery before it happens. Many include a combination of outdoor sensors to trigger specific commands. For example when outside motion is detected the automation panel can turn switch flood lights on, and broadcast a deterring message through the multi-room audio system to the outdoor speakers.

Magnetic Driveway Sensors

Using the earth's magnetic field to detect moving metal objects, the magnetic sensing range is 12 feet and includes three sensitivity modes. Trigger lighting, video surveillance, and more when a vehicle is detected in a driveway or parking area.

Glass Break Detection

A glass break detector is a sensor used for detecting the sound of breaking glass, providing 360 degree of coverage. These sensors are used near glass doors and commonly around open view plan environments to detect if an intruder brakes the glass.

Photoelectric Perimeter Protection

Photoelectric beam systems will detect the presence of an intruder before they enter your property by transmitting infrared light beams across an area. The beams can be programmed to trigger a series of events which may include switching on flood lights, activating the alarm system, or releasing the hounds.

Smoke Screens

Now days thief's are fully aware of the long delays before the arrival of Police or Security, and as a result 85% of all robberies are completed before they can arrive. When activated a smoke screens can fill an entire room up to 1600 cubic meters in under 60seconds, addressing this critical time gap and preventing the theft of your goods. "You can't steal, what you can't see".