OneTouch software enables the use of low cost touch screens and all-in-one touch PCs in the commercial and retail environment.

OneTouch Retail Interactive is a 21" touch screen that can touch enable your existing web site, pdfs, photos and other digital media into a user friendly interactive experience.

  • As an "Electronic Salesperson" the OneTouch saves on staff costs by allowing customers to lean about your product whilst waiting to speak to sales staff.
  • Retain customers in your store longer. Entertain the "other half" whilst your customer continues to shop.
  • Can be locked down to restrict customers and staff from going to other web sites, focussing use on your intended material.

The OneTouch can be repeated to a larger screen, allowing sales staff to perform stunning presentations to customers of any electronic media, no more fumbling with trying to open separate programs and access the right files....

The OneTouch has a 1000GB Hard Drive so all your large files can be displayed instantly - no delay waiting for high resolution photos, pdfs, videos to download. This allows you to use more exciting content on your touch screen than you can with an iPad.

  • The OneTouch 21i has a 21" full HD multi touch touch screen 1920x1080 Vs iPad 9.7" 1024x768 resolution screen.
  • Retains the consistent user interface - no jumping off to another application leaving the user to find their way back.
  • Locks down the device so it can only display the desired content.
  • 1TB hard drive allows for storage of massive amounts of high resolution digital media accessed with a vast i3 processor.
  • 21" touch screen.
  • Repeatable to other touch or non touch screens at 1080p resolution.
  • Displays Flash.

All you need to do to get started is to send us the links to say 5 to 15 key internet sites and the names of the buttons you would like us to set up for the user to navigate the information. Also we will need all your existing digital media such as pdfs, high resolution photos and any videos or DVDs you may wish to have. Due to size we may need to transfer these on portable hard disks and not over the interent, eg flash storage or DVDs.

Integrated Lifestyle Innovations Commercial Systems incorporates a smart alarm system and a OneTouch touch screen PC configured for CCTV and background music.

Remote monitoring:

  • A Smart alarm system can be monitored and controlled remotely on your iPhone or Android phone, or by a OneTouch at home or any PC or iPad in the world. You can monitor zones, set and unset the alarm, activate access control to release doors remotely, see temperatures, see the state of lights and HVAC and other appliances and systems.

Electrical Control:

  • Optionally the system can control 240V loads very cost effectively, turning off heating and cooling equipment when the alarm is set and optionally allowing them to be turned on when the alarm is set or even before you arrive, or relative to say sunrise or sunset.
  • It is very convenient and can save a lot of energy if you can automatically switch off lights and equipment at the end of the day simply by setting the alarm.

Smart Sensors:

  • Dual mode sensors can accurately detect people from far away during the day to turn on/ brighten lighting or provide audible information when a customer approaches a part of the showroom.
  • A range of wireless security sensors allow you to easily secure specific items about the store.
  • Temperature sensors for remote monitoring
  • Audio system allows connection of up to 8 pairs of speakers which can provide background music, security alerts if someone tries to steel stock and also automatic announcements in the event of fire alarm. The smart alarm system can loudly announce a security breach over the loudspeakers.
  • CCTV system with video analytics's allows the store owner to see how people interact with their store by filtering the video footage to just show the instances of people say coming through a door or spending longer than a certain time in a particular area, this can be very useful information to getting the most from your floor area.
  • OneTouch 21i commercial can store up to 1TB HDD of CCTV footage internally and allows the store owner to easily access security camera footage via the touch interface and to select background music. It can be set up with other OneTouch apps to suit where it is located in the shop.