Providing Efficiency and Ambience to Dawson & Co

It is just brilliant, it literally saves me 1/2 an hour a day, when I leave I know everything is turned off and secure with setting the alarm. I think other retailers would definitely like to know about this

- Owner, Angus Dawson


The goal was to have the showroom be completely automated with control of lighting, heating, security, and distributed audio, while making sure all the components were discreet so as not to take away from the distinctive character of the store. It was important that everything be quick and easy for staff to control and operate from smartphones and the company laptops. Having fitted out their Store in Albany the Dawsons came to ili to design a solution for their new store.


Today’s retail environments are all about enticing customers with bright and inviting scenes. Retail lighting controls, music and audio visual systems, and HVAC control all play vital roles in establishing a store’s brand and attitude.

For the new Dawson & Co store this meant creating a welcoming showroom that retained the character of the renovated industrial site, while also providing a great backdrop to compliment the various styles of contemporary furniture showcased. It was important that the bar area be all about great coffee and a chat, and not cluttered with clunky computers. Essential to the owner was great quality distributed audio for client comfort, and security with video surveillance for peace of mind. Remote management of the property was crucial, with control of security, lighting, and heating from his smartphone or OneTouch PC.

The Solution

ili ltd, using their OneTouch technology, integrated together with Leviton Smart Security and Automation products and B&W speakers designed an easy to use integrated system to answer Dawson and Co’s needs.

The Smart Security System turns everything on to retail trading floor settings in the morning on arrival when the alarm is turned off. At the end of the day the alarm is set and automatically the lights are set to evening settings ie, the display lights stay on, to be turned off at a pre-scheduled time, such as 1am, to make the most of visibility for passing window shoppers while also optimising energy efficiency.

For the Timothy Oulton Designer Store area, lighting can be dimmed to optimise the visual impact of the lighting fixtures and chandeliers.

With Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone, the owner can supervise and adjust all system settings remotely.

If the alarm is activated, the owner can view cameras to see what is happening using his phone or computer. In the event of an incident, the analytics feature saves time by enabling quick review of camera footage by just seeing particular motion events.

The Client’s preference was the ease of playing Spotify music over the multi room audio system comprising of 4 pairs of B&W speakers and Leviton multiroom audio. The staff can control everything using the store laptops or smartphones on the simple to use splashtop software application sourced at the OneTouch computer tucked away neatly in a cupboard.

Prewired and ready to install when the time is right, heating for winter is ready for installation come the cooler months, when TV will also be installed for watching sport and entertaining children or partners of primary shoppers.

Download the pdf here