The OneTouch is our innovative high definition multi-touch screen, developed right here at OneTouch Smart Home. The OneTouch is a user friendly remote control device, and can incorporate touch screen access to multiple hardware and software applications. Simple touch control of almost any multi-room audio, automation, CCTV and security system.

Take advantage of the built in media server and implement the OneTouch as the homes central media storage device. Replicate the OneTouch to multi-room TV(s) at full 1080p, or connect media extenders and enjoy the benefits of independent access in multiple rooms.

With so many customisations and mounting options available, there is a OneTouch to suit everyone's requirements. So much on offer from one very smart high definition touch screen, right there, in the hub of your home. A smart addition to any kitchen or home.

Built-in Media Server

The OneTouch 21i is also the homes media server. Dedicated to providing all your digital media content it is readily accessible from devices anywhere on the network when you are. 

Access documents, play home videos, view high definition photos, listen to music and watch movies - not just on the OneTouch but on any TV in the home. Ranging from 640GB to 3TB of internal storage, the OneTouch is capable of keeping up to 750,000 songs, 3750 hours of video playback, or 465,000 photos. Should that not be enough entertainment, the OneTouch also features Ethernet and eSata connections for infinite storage upgrades.

With OneTouch as your media server, keeping content up to date has never been easier. OneTouch Smart Home configures the media server to appear as an accessible drive to any computer. Download photos of the latest family holidays to My Pictures or iPhoto and immediately view them on the big screen in the lounge. Have new downloads such as iTunes music and movies sync seamlessly and instantly. Or exchange files and documents with guests via USB and storage devices by a simple drag and drop.

Integrated Internet

Fully integrated internet - with it's intuitive 21" high definition touch screen, point to touch, pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll and you'll be browsing the internet like never before.

Networkable: a hub for the home

Wireless or wired - The OneTouch has no problems bringing together and managing the homes network. With the onboard hard drive storage, or nominated external source, OneTouch Smart Home can configure the OneTouch to be your central access location for the entire home. Watch, work, edit and share all the homes files & media content from any computer.

Adaptable with almost anything

Our software has been specifically designed to seamlessly bring together the best of all worlds. Whether it is your favourite organiser you can't do without, to the hardware for monitoring and managing the homes energy consumption. Today or tomorrow's technology can be integrated to run within OneTouch to give you ultimate control and flexibility.

Customisable Interface

Because nobody is one of the same, neither is the OneTouch. The graphical interface of the OneTouch is easily customised to suit each individuals look, feel and application. Customise the navigation layout, font types, backgrounds images, applications, buttons shapes or sizes allowing for set themes. Great for the family or individual, commercial applications and the elderly. 

Purpose designed mounting

OneTouch Smart Home is your partner in the design, manufacture and installation process. Combining advanced technology with design and time honoured craftsmanship. We offer a complete interior solution for new builds, renovations and existing homes. So many mounting options, Lift up motorised or manual, swing arms recessed or fixed flush to the wall. OneTouch is purposely built complying to standard 600mm kitchen cabinetry for integration. 

Available with practically any finishing type or colour, the bezels simply clip on and off so to match any decor. Talk with our engineers to tailor the best solution for you and your home.

Repeater screens

Because the OneTouch 21i features an HDMI out, you can enjoy what's on your OneTouch to any HDTV in the home. Mirror the output to one of our OneTouch 21r repeater screens for full multi-touch enabled control of the OneTouch. Perfect for quick access in large or multi-storied homes, the office or master bedroom.

Camera Server

The OneTouch also doubles as a Camera Server for playing, viewing and recording CCTV. Display camera or video from standard and IP cameras directly within OneTouch without the need for camera servers.

Video analytics, also known as intelligent video surveillance, has the capability of automatically analysing video to detect and determine events including tracking just people, vehicles, or the detection of movement from or to specific areas and between certain times of the day. 

Some of the standard features in the pack:

Integrate television with high definition. The OneTouch includes a TV tuner available for both Terrestrial and Satellite setups. With an integrated TV planner you can schedule what to watch and even record two channels at the same time. With advanced functionality, set a series to automatically write over episodes, or only keep the last desired number of recordings. Television is recorded straight to the media server, and because the OneTouch features an HDMI output, you can watch what you want, when you want, in any room of the home.

Bring your music to every room in the home with ease. Create & edit playlists or scroll through album artwork with a touch as if it's right there in your hands. Import new collections using the DVD drive directly to the library. Download much? - we have you covered too - we configure the OneTouch so downloaded songs from other applications such as iTunes, appear seamlessly and instantly in your library. Plus the large storage capacity on the OneTouch means you'll never need to sync again. At any time your entire music library is instantly accessible everywhere in the home with no plugs... and no worries.

Serve up your movies with OneTouch. A perfect way to organise, backup and manage your entire movie collection, putting you in control of your movies. Movies are displayed with vibrant cover art, synopsis, information on the cast & crew and more. With my movies collection manager even get high definition video trailers of what's on at the movies.

When viewing your albums in high definition you'll see just how amazing your life really looks. Import photos directly from your camera to the OneTouch using the provided USB or SD card slots. Even download the latest family holidays to My Pictures or iPhoto and they immediately appear in OneTouch ready to be displayed on the big screen in the lounge. Take full advantage by utilising the OneTouch as a 21" digital photo frame, displaying photos at full high definition on request or setup as your screen saver. Showing your family photos around the home has never been so simple.

Bookmark all your favourite radio stations. Online radio or through the tuner - OneTouch Smart Home can customise buttons to switch and play your favourite radio stations through the surround sound and multi-room audio systems with one touch.

From the tiny, yet powerful camera and mic on the OneTouch, video calling has never been more natural. Gather the family round and say hello to loved ones overseas. Or multi-task and use as an everyday application to keep in touch with friends while going about your routine in the kitchen.

Organiser and Family Calendar
Let's face it, your family life is busy. Swimming on Tuesday, doctor's appointment on Thursday, rugby on Saturday- it's difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing. The OneTouch organiser has a colour coded, multi-user calendar that allows you to schedule all your family's activities with ease. Features include:

  • Multiple people per appointment.
  • View calendar by day, by week or by month
  • View a combined family calendar or switch to a single person's calendar with one touch
  • Create weekly, monthly or yearly repeating appointments - never forget another birthday!
  • Supports multiple calendars per person - create separate personal, business and school calendars.
  • Subscribe to publicly available iCal calendars - automatically add in public holidays, your favorite sports events, movie listings etc.
  • Synchronize with Google calendars allowing you to access your online family calendar from your mobile phone or any other computer.

No more forgotten chores
Track all your family's tasks and chores with colour coded, prioritized to do lists.

Organize your home life
Update your shopping list, lookup your favourite recipes & view your local weather.

Stop losing important messages
Create bright, colorful, resizable sticky notes.

Stay in touch with your family & friends
Fast, easy access to your emails using your existing email accounts. Keep track of your children's emails.

All your contact details in one place
Shared family address book with instant lookup by name, number or address.

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