OneTouch Smart Home would be responsible for the supply of a smart alarm system as part of a technology package.

The OneTouch Smart Home Security panel connect to PIRs, smoke detectors, sirens in the usual manner. Some key points:

  • Two models; Omni IIe and Omni Pro
  • Both models include 16 input zone, and can feature up to two additional 16 zone input expansion boards.
  • Pro version can have up to five 16Zone/16Output expansion boards
  • Wireless receivers that can connect to key fobs, driveway sensors, tilt sensors - there are even wireless PIRs and sensors to cover locations where wiring is difficult or requirements change. Max wireless receivers; Omni IIe = 1, Omni Pro = 2.

The customer will also be able to monitor and operate the system from iPhone or other smart phone as well as from the OneTouch interface.

In some rooms we use special dual mode PIRs that can be used to better detect when people are in the room - the system switches mode when the alarm is not activated for security.

The smart alarm system connects to lights and the speaker system to assist in an activation, for example the smoke detector activating will turn on the lights and announce the fire through the speakers to assist the occupants to evacuate safely.

The security sub contract would cover the following aspects of this project:

  • Consult with the customer as to the preferred location for PIRs from a security point of view, and which PIRs will be activated in night mode (if any). OneTouch Smart Home will also attend this walk through and may suggest additional PIR locations which are not used to trigger the alarm but will be used to activate lighting or other automation for music, heating, etc.
  • Consult with the customer as to if they want door and/or window sensors so that the system can alert them as to any doors or windows left open before they go out and to set the alarm off if they are forced open.
  • Consult with the customer as to the locations for smoke detectors and if they are to be recessed or surface mounted.
  • Consult with the customer as to the locations for internal and external sirens, keypad(s) and in some cases access control card readers.
  • Consult with the customer as to the locations for air temperature sensors and water temperature sensors.
  • Consult with the customer as to locations for the CCTV cameras.
  • Pre wire and fit off of the PIRs, door and window reeds, smoke detectors, sirens, keypad(s) , card readers, door strikes, temperature sensors, and CCTV cameras.
  • Basic programming of the Smart Alarm system as a basic alarm - OneTouch Smart Home can assist you with this for your first time - it will take less than an hour for most homes.
  • In order to try and provide our customer with full pricing information OneTouch Smart Home has made an allowance for installation, based on installation in a typical house. Your quote to OneTouch Smart Home becomes the first variation - we will present it to the customer and if accepted OneTouch Smart Home will issue you a purchase order for the work.

Any subsequent variations during the course of the project must be signed off by the customer.