OneTouch Smart Home is supplying a technology package which includes a smart alarm and automation system, multi room audio, TVs, video distribution and CCTV cameras.

The system has 12V outputs which are used to activate relays located in the DB to control the equipment, eg:

  • Towel rails - run to a single relay in the DB
  • Electrical underfloor heating - each floor is run off a separate relay with either a mechanical temperature sensor in series or one of our temperature probes.
  • Hot water Ring main pump
  • Irrigation solenoid(s) - 24V AC to each garden solenoid activated from relay in DB.
  • Non dimmable lighting circuits such as garage lights, foyer lights and outside lights can be controlled by relay, in which case the light switch requires Cat cable to a momentary mechanism (bell press) type switch run back to the controller.

The system may also include Omni-Bus or other compatible dimmers to control the lighting, in this case each circuit is "home run" to the DB and the switches are connected back to the DB via a loop of pink  Cat 5 cable or other wiring for the particular brand of lighting control.

The customer will be able to monitor and operate the system from their touch screen, iPhone or other smart phone. The customer can set schedules for heating and irrigation and OneTouch Smart Home will program the system to activate lights in a fire or emergency and to turn off heating when not required.

The smart alarm system connects to lights and the speaker system to assist in an activation, for example the smoke detector activating will turn on the lights and announce the fire through the speakers to assist the occupants to evacuate safely.

The electrical sub contract covers the following aspects of the project:

  • In conjunction with OneTouch Smart Home to consult with the customer as to the location for phone and data outlets, switches, volume controls, audio inputs, speakers and TVs.
  • To complete the pre-wire of Cat6 and RF.
  • To supply a suitable DB or allow for space in the DB to install the relays and Omni-Bus dimmers in accordance with standard electrical practice.
  • To wire all 240V controlled loads directly to the relays in the DB and to label each circuit.
  • To run all speakers cable and optionally to fit off the speakers,
  • Optionally to install all keypads, switches and data outlets.
  • Optionally to fit the A/V equipment into the cupboard/rack.