1028 Luxury Residences Jarkata, Indonesia. This apartment building is among the world’s Top 10 ranked biggest complexes and it is powered exclusively by Leviton BitWise.

Each unit in the building utilizes BitWise BC4 controllers for automation of their residence. This provides basic home automation – integrated AV control, Panasonic Air Conditioner control, and lighting controls. This package is provided by the developer and can be upgraded on request (e.g integrated Curtain & Scene control) and is serviced by Leviton’s BitWise local partner.

The upgradeability, UI and compatibility with existing Leviton and third-party products is the key reason why the land developer chose Leviton as their standard for these apartments. The BitWise BC4 is the perfect device for such projects based on this ability to fulfill future requirements by adding other Leviton Security & Automation devices or any device from any third-party connectivity partners.

This is a brand new and innovative business model showcased by this project. The easy-to-install & flexible features of Leviton BitWise provides added value for integration partners who can complete each apartment installation in a short time. In addition, the integration partner earns the exclusive service contract for these units.

The affordable price of Leviton BitWise brings upgrade-ability and an extremely reliable system compared with other automation and control brands!

- Mr. Jimmy Wiraatmadja, owner of PT. ESKANUSA PUTRACO