Lighting control can enhance the enjoyment and value of your home, add security for peace of mind, and contribute to savings on your electricity bill.
With lighting control you can experience all of the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system available both as a retrofittable option and for new build homes.
About the Lighting Control System
ili uses a modular lighting control system, so you can easily add rooms or lights anytime, updating as your needs change. There is no need to run new wires, (although this is advised) as long as you have standard residential wiring (240V electrical system with a neutral wire at each switch location).
For retrofits or expansion, simply replace the existing light switch with a smart switch supplied by OneTouch Smart Home.
How Lighting Control works
The product lines include dimmers, switches, remote controls, and plug-in modules. Select lighting scenes with the push of a button and control all lights in any room or area.
When used in conjunction with a OneTouch, OneTouch Smart Home can provide you with a master lighting control which displays a live status of up to eight rooms and allows you to control all of the lights in those rooms.
Motion Activated Sensor Lighting
No more stumbling for the light switch in the dark, or forgetting to turn off lights. Have your family and guests pilot through your home with ease. Using the same sensors integrated into you home security and automation system, you can have sensors switch on your lighting as you navigate down passageways and into rooms. Additionally, the lights can be programmed to switch off automatically when no movement has been detected for a set period of time, saving you more on your electricity bill.

Preset Customisable Lighting Scenes 

Set lighting scenes to control multiple circuits within a room or your entire house with one touch. A single smart switch is fully programmable and uses a momentary mech system. This allows you to control up to 8 lighting circuits from just one switch, allowing you to eliminate the need for multiple light switches and leaving your room with a clean elegant style to utilise wall space as you please.

Just come home with the groceries and ready to cook dinner? Use the 'smart switch' or OneTouch to bring your kitchen to life. Have the kitchen island downlights, overhead spot lights and extraction fan and lighting turned on and dimmed for your desired effect with just one touch.

Not happy with your lighting scenes? Using the OneTouch select your room, choose the preferred circuits and adjust each lights brightness for your desired effect. Simply touch the 'save scene' button on the OneTouch, storing up to 6 scenes per room.

Scheduled Lighting Control 

Have your lighting plans scheduled to the T. The system will know its late winter, what time the sun goes down and will turn on the desired lights.
Switch off all lights at the end of the night and use your bedroom lights as an alarm to wake you in the morning. Have the tread lights on your stairs constantly dimmed to 10% creating a safe lighting path for you at night. In the early hours of the morning have the lights 'default on' level set to 40% for ease and comfort on your eyes.

Safety & Security Integration with your Alarm

In the event of a fire, the lighting control system is so intelligent it can flash the lights and fully illuminate the safest path to navigate you out of the house.
If emergency services are called or the alarm is activated the smart lighting can flash outside lights and/or activate flood lights to aid emergency services.

Energy Efficiency & Power Consumption

The lighting control system can be programmed to default on to a dimmed level of 80%, saving you 20% of your lights power consumption every time a light is turned on.  Not only that, but as well as traditional types of lights, ili offers lighting control for LED's (light emitting diode's). Two good benefits of LED light bulbs are that their very long life and energy efficiency. They utilize just roughly one tenth as much electrical energy as usual bulbs and therefore offer enormous financial savings in power expenses and a decreased carbon footprint. This actually makes them both cost efficient and eco friendly. Here at OneTouch Smart Home we've estimated that with a OneTouch Smart Home system installed it would be possible to run an entire houses lighting needs for up to 3 months off one large sized car battery.