Automate to increase control and reduce overhead

Improve your business by simplifying control. There is a Leviton Security & Automation system for every industry.

Your Technology Gateway.

Think of Leviton as the brain of your automated building. Various systems are managed to maximise safety, comfort, convenience, entertainment, and energy savings.

Control security, lighting, temperatures, audio/video and more automatically based on your schedule
or events including temperature change, motion or alarm activation.

New or Existing Buildings

Simply choose the automation features based upon your needs and budget.

From bank branches and pharmacies to restaurants and office parks, Leviton offers a wealth of options
for today’s commercial applications.

There is the New Here

Remotely control any aspect of the facility from your smartphone or tablet with zero monthly fees. Access multiple locations from the app or customize your own interface using our software developer kit.

Common Commercial Applications:

  • Mixed Use Residential/Commercial
  • Medical and Business Offices
  • Pharmacies and Markets
  • Franchise Operations
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitality

Business operation with less worry. Monitor and control multiple locations from one interface.

Easy to Use.

Leviton systems are simple to operate, which is why they are Automation Simplified®. Employees, guests, and tenants alike find these systems very intuitive.

Reliable Solutions

Leviton uses embedded controller technology in its building management systems, a technology proven reliable over decades of use.

Connectivity Partnerships

Leviton’s security and automation systems open you up to thousands of products utilizing several standardized protocols and platforms, including but not limited to, Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, Bluetooth®, KNX®, DALI, UPB™, X-10, RS-232/485, and TCP/IP.

Convenient Control
Utilize apps, touchscreens, keycards, and panic pendants to check and adjust lighting, temperature, security, audio, and more. Leviton offers video surveillance and recording, which gives you the power to check in via PC, iOS and Android™ devices.

With Leviton Security & Automation software choices, you can make changes to your facility’s status from practically anywhere in the world. Leviton offers many solutions, each designed to simplify your business’ operation.

Download the Leviton Building Management pdf here