There is a building management system for every industry. Integrating Lifestyle Innovations HAI building management system can be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing facilities. Simply choose the automation features you want based upon your business’ needs and budget. From bank branches and pharmacy chains to restaurants and office parks, our systems offer a wealth of options for today’s commercial applications.

Simplify your business by simplifying control. Think of an HAI controller as the brain of your automated building. Various systems are controlled and monitored to maximize safety, comfort, convenience, entertainment, and energy savings.

ili commercial systems incorporates a smart alarm system and a OneTouch touch screen PC configured for CCTV and background music.

Building Management Systems:

Protect Customers, Tenants, and Property Around the Clock

HAI’s Building Management System is the easiest and most complete solution for retrofits or new installations. The Lumina Pro building management system coordinates the sub-systems and provides remote applications for total control. A large organization with multiple locations can use HAI’s free API + Software developer kit to access all branches from a single interface. For smaller, multiple location operations, the business owner can use their cell phone to view several locations without monthly fees.

For many buildings, our building management system is used primarily for energy savings and entertainment. For small commercial buildings, HAI offers a complete line of safety products.

Access Control: limit admission to designated areas

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive areas while also managing and tracking employee activity. Swiping a card can disarm the alarm, release the door lock, change the temperature, and turn on several zones of an audio system. Because each card or key tag is tied to a specific user, all of the actions can also be customized for each individual user. Access to the wine cellar, out buildings, or office areas can be restricted to specific individuals and specific times. Wireless door locks can be implemented and controlled from a cellphone or computer.

Surveillance: keep a watchful eye around you’re facility, even while away

Have peace of mind with the ability to check on entrances, common areas, and loading docks – all from anywhere in the world. HAI’s imposing high-resolution cameras keep a watchful eye on your business. Record video from up to 16 IP or analog surveillance cameras based on motion or time. View both live and recorded video at your convenience on or off site via a Smartphone or any Internet-connected computer around the world. With this ability to monitor your business operations 24/7, theft and/or fraud from employees or customers can be better prosecuted and even outright prevented.

Video Intercom: interact with entrances or employees

HAI offers a door station with VoIP intercom and video camera built-in. The feed communicates back to HAI Touchscreens located inside the building. From the Touchscreen, the employee can see who is at the front door, and then push and hold a button to de-activate the gate lock and let the guest inside. Additionally, employees can use the intercom to communicate between multiple Touchscreens.

Wireless Security Sensors: perfect for retrofits

HAI’s wireless door, window, and motion sensors act as the eyes and ears of your facility to initiate other automation functions, such as lighting scenes or temperature changes based on motion or door openings. HAI’s Wireless Driveway Sensor can activate lighting, surveillance, and more when a vehicle is detected in a driveway or parking area. There is even a wireless panic alert pendant that has been an integral addition to fitness centers and other businesses as it can dial 8 numbers, send an email, activate an alarm siren, and begin recording surveillance video with just one click.

Telephone and Battery Backup: always in touch

In an emergency, the system can communicate with a central monitoring station and provide voice, email, and text notifications to up to eight phone numbers. HAI’s Two-Way Cellular Communication Center adds protection if the main phone is disabled. This technology uses a cellular network to communicate with the central monitoring station. Also make and receive telephone calls over a cellular network using facility land line phones. The Building Management System has backup batteries to ensure protection in case of power failures.

Electrical Control

  • Optionally the system can control 240V loads very cost effectively, turning off heating and cooling equipment when the alarm is set and optionally allowing them to be turned on when the alarm is set or even before you arrive, or relative to say sunrise or sunset.
  • It is very convenient and can save a lot of energy if you can automatically switch off lights and equipment at the end of the day simply by setting the alarm.

Smart Sensors

  • Dual mode sensors can accurately detect people from far away provide opportunities to enhance user experience such as audible information when a customer approaches.
  • A range of wireless security sensors allow you to easily secure specific items about the store.
  • Temperature sensors for remote monitoring
  • Audio system can not only provide background music, but allows connections for security alerts and automatic announcements in the event of a fire alarm. The smart alarm system can loudly announce a security breach over the loudspeakers.
  • CCTV system with video analytics’s allows the owner of a retail stores owner to see how people interact by filtering the video footage to just show the instances of people coming through a door or spending longer in a particular area, this can be very useful information.

To download HAI’s building management booklet and see how an ili designed system can benefit your business, click here!