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Home Theatre done differently!

OneTouch Smart Home designed Home Theatre and Entertainment systems come in all sizes with many different functionalities to suit your needs; Whether you seek a standard surround sound system for the average home, or a custom designed system by ili, we can provide a home entertainment system you can sit back and relax to, giving you ease of operation, convenience and performance that will leave even the unenthusiastic wondering why they don't have one.

Centralised Media

A centralised media cupboard simply put is a place in the home for all the media, amplifiers and other playback devices to be stored. The content from this cupboard is then taken to the televisions of choice. This enables for the minimalistic design concept, allowing for the television to be wall mounted with no unpleasant cables visible, decreasing clutter and projecting focus towards the stylish design aesthetics intended for your home.

All the devices in the media cupboards are then typically wired to the distribution board on their own run, minimalising static interference caused by other house hold appliances, and resulting with an increase in performance.

Multi-room video

There are numerous ways to achieve multi-room video. Multi-room video gives the ability to watch films or television in any room in the home. Multi-room video even makes it possible to take control of a OneTouch or computer. Whether wired or wireless, or playing the same or different content to every TV at the same time, ili will have the solution. When Integrated with your centralised media cupboard, multi-room video gives the flexibility to access all the sources on any television throughout the home, eliminating the need for monthly subscriptions of additional sky decoders or DVD players in each room.

Media Servers (Media Centres)

A media server should be regarded as the central hub dedicated to providing the homes entire digital media content, readily accessible from devices anywhere on the network when you are.

Access documents; play home videos; view high definition photos; listen to music; or watch movies. Even integrate live satellite television, with a full TV planning guide and recording functionality. Upgradable storage drives means it is capable of holding infinite hours of media.

With a media server, keeping content up to date has never been easier. OneTouch Smart Homeconfigures the media server to appear as an accessible drive to any computer. Download photos of the latest family holidays to My Pictures or iPhoto and immediately view them on the big screen in the lounge. Have new downloads such as iTunes music and movies sync seamlessly and instantly. Or exchange files and documents with guests via USB and storage devices by simple drag and drop.

The OneTouch 21i features a 1TB hard disk drive (upgradable to 3TB) and is media server ready, and because the OneTouch also features HDMI out you can experience your home entertainment in high definition in another room without the need for other devices.

Media Extenders

Add a media extender for independent access to content stored on the media centre. Each extender serves as a gateway providing you with the ability to select your favourite films in high definition while the kids upstairs each watch theirs. Distributing video all from one storage location means keeping your media content up to date has never been easier.


One remote to rule them all - Using remote controls such as any of the apple touch devices (iPhone, iTouch or iPad) take full control of literally any digital entertainment device, be it MySky, Apple TV or Blu-ray. Control home theatre amplifiers, multi-room audio and even control what's being played through your media servers to each room of the home.

With the OneTouch application installed on your iPad you get simplistic control of every device you please. With an interface as easy as touching the room to control; followed by the source, the room will come to life - the television tunes the source with the correct channel, and adjusts the settings of the audio system.

OneTouch Smart Home can integrate the application to automatically activate your home automation to close the blinds, dim the lights and switch on the surround sound all when a movie is selected to create a real home cinema environment for you, and all with one touch!

Finished? Simply push 'System Off' to turn all devices off.

Home Theatre

Surround Sound
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