Home automation, sometimes referred to as a 'digital smart home' is essentially the integration of various home technologies and tasks allowing them to operate in sync and with full control. These technologies may comprise security, lighting, irrigation, multi-room audio and home theatre, to the basic comforts such as heating, ventilation air-conditioning and blind control.

Home Automation can be more affordable than you think. One Touch dispels the consideration that Home Automation is expensive. Because with OneTouch Smart Home, you can automate your home using almost any hardware and software controllers, this means you are not restricted using all of one brands home automation products, allowing you to pick and choose the best, right and affordable products for application tailored for your home.

Scenes can then be created to simultaneously operate your home in perfect synchronization. Below are a few scenarios to demonstrate what is possible with home automation.

  • Relax knowing the homes daily routines are all taken care of - Automatically... The blinds lower at sunset, the gas fire place heats up a winters night, irrigation for the garden after a dry sunny day or simply have lights turn off when a room isn't occupied.
  • Press the "Welcome Home" button on your iPhone as you pull into your driveway; and have your gate open, your alarm deactivate, your pathway lite up, with your front door unlocked ready to just push open.
  • Had to rush out the door? Simply hit away on your iPhone and enjoy piece of mind that your garage has closed, doors have locked, alarm is set, and the lighting & appliances are switched off.
  • Late to arrive home to let guests in? When the guests push the intercom, see them on camera, unlock the front door, turn on lights and de-activate alarms in selected zones with one button, all from your smart phone on the road.
  • Kick back and relax knowing you can watch movies in your ideal environment with ease. Push one button on your remote control to have all; your blueray player switch on, activate your surround sound, close the blinds and dims the lights.
  • Pushing "Vacation" will put your entire home into power-saving mode. Turn off unused appliances, lights and unneccessary scheduling such as under floor heating, towel rails, or the hot water cylinder. Or activate an "Occupied mode" to give your home a lived in appearance. Turn lights off and on, play music through the multi-room audio system or have the blinds go up and down so you can travel worry free.

The alarm is limitless in its programming, and OneTouch can tailor almost any automation requirement for your home. When a trigger is activated, the system will check the time of day for rules and schedules before initiating a reaction.

Examples include;

  • A button is pressed - the lights go off, blinds go down, television turns off.
  • The bathroom door is opened - the window opens and light & fan turns on for 10minutes.
  • It rains 4mm an hour for 4hours - the irrigation system compensates for the extra 16mm of rainfall
  • The door bell is pressed - an announcement is made over the multi-room audio system and front CCTV displayed on TV
  • The solar panel is producing sufficient energy - the hot water cylinder witches to solar heating
  • 30dB of noise is detected - a notification warning is sent

Hundreds of scenarios can be applied for almost any application around the home - the only limitation is practically your imagination.

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