OneTouch Smart Home system saves energy by turning off equipment when it is not required and optionally by turning off some appliances over the peak periods. Hot Water Circulation pumps, correctly used, can save substantial amounts of both electricity and water.

With the OneTouch Smart Home system it is still easy to override energy saving mode when required.

Electrical Equipment

The electrician can wire many of the power points and non automated lighting circuits to a master kill switch which is turned off when the alarm is set. Ensuring heat pumps and other electrical equipment is not left on when you are out can provide significant savings and benefits to the environment. Schedule unused appliances such as media devices to turn off from standby during the night.

Towel Rails

By putting the Towel Rails on the automation controller they can be run for less time and turned off when you are away on holiday. Each heated towel rail consumes around 80 watts - just by setting them to 8 hours per day you get a saving of $339.45 per year (3 towel rails). Towel rails automatically stay off when you set Holiday mode.

Underfloor Heating

A warm floor reduces the temperature level that you need to heat the room to in order for people to feel comfortably warm. The OneTouch Smart Home system eliminates the need for a standard wall controller from your bathrooms, instead there is just one button which will manually turn on the heating for 2 hours (to use on the odd occasion you have a bath or shower outside the normal scheduled times). Easily adjust the start times and duration from your iPhone or OneTouch. Underfloor heating can be programmed to come on at a lower temperature or to stay off when the alarm is set. For maximum energy savings you can have the underfloor heating off when the alarm is set then from your iPhone press "On My Way Home" to turn on underfloor heating in the kitchen so it is warm when you get home. Of course underfloor heating automatically stays off when you set your alarm in Holiday mode.

Extractor Fans

Extractor fans in bathrooms can be set to run for a specified period after the button is pressed ensuring that they are not left on.

Hot Water Circulation

By running a circulation pump when required you save both water and energy costs. With standard plumbing all the cold water that you run through before the tap gets hot is replacing cold water in the cylinder and is wasted. A circulation pump ensures only a small amount is wasted. However it is wasteful to pump the hot water around when it is not required, the OneTouch Smart Home system turns off the circ pumps when the alarm is set and after goodnight or can be set to run when motion is detected in the kitchen.

Hot Water Element

By turning off the hot water element during the peak times reduces the use of fossil fuels. Turning it off in holiday mode saves energy.


Have blinds lower at the optimal time to insulate the home or protect furniture from the harsh sun rays.


Dimming lights to 90% is hardly noticeable but saves 10% off your lighting bill. Automatically turning on and off lighting in corridors and passages, bathrooms and garage reduces wastage from lights left on when not required. OneTouch Smart Home also offers lighting control for LED lighting which have a very long life and high energy efficiency. They utilize just roughly one tenth as much electrical energy as usual bulbs and therefore offer financial savings in power expenses and a decreased carbon footprint.