Take the complexity out of your boardroom or meeting room with easy-to-use equipment controls that anyone in the company can operate with minimal training. Impress your visiting clients and suppliers and get down to business right away.

  • Routing of video sources such as in-room PC, staff & guest laptops and video-conferencing equipment to the projector and/or monitors.
  • Control lights, blinds, projector screen and room temperature
  • Single-button macros for preset functions for example;
    • “Projector” button lowers the screen, turns on the projector, dims the lights and lowers the blinds.
    • “Vacant” button turns off all lights, air-con and power and “In Use” turns it all on again.

Access Control and Security

  • Combinations of access devices for staff including swipe card, tag and keypad.
  • Door strikes, mag-locks etc.
  • Central management of PINs and access levels
  • Receive alerts about unusual activity
  • Local and remote monitoring of sensors and cameras.
  • Camera DVR with video analytics for rapid location of specified events.

Background Music and Paging

A multi-room audio system can be used for background music as well as for paging including pre-recorded emergency announcements.

Energy Management

  • Local and remote monitoring of energy usage and control of appliances e.g. monitor or get alerts about the server-room temperature.
  • Turn off lights, air-con, appliances & wi-fi and set the alarm with one button when leaving in the evening.
  • Occupancy sensors for switching lighting e.g. corridors, fire escapes, bathrooms.
  • Light-level and/or smart time-of-day control of lighting e.g. outside lights, signage.

Digital Signage and Interactive Displays

  • Information boards e.g. welcome message for VIP visitors, time and weather, promotional videos or slideshows
  • Interactive information for customers e.g. touch-screen displays locked-down with your catalogue and/or web-site