Bennigan’s in Jonesboro, AR installed a complete Leviton automation system that includes security, energy management, access control, video surveillance, lighting control, distributed audio, and temperature control that monitors the walk-in coolers and freezers. They also installed an NEC DSX phone system and integrated automation from the OmniPro II, with both PC and smartphone/tablet control.

All lighting, including signage, utilizes powerline HLC devices with a three phase repeater and is automated based on schedule and occupancy settings for efficiency. The restaurant features a daytime scene and an evening scene that is transitioned at sunset over the period of an hour for a smooth ambiance change.

Leviton’s Hi-Fi 2 system is used for audio distribution, with some secondary amplifiers for the main dining areas; this also transitions from daytime volume levels to evening volume levels over the same time span as the lighting so that the change is subtle and not noticeable. The TV’s are plugged into the audio distribution for special TV events. Also inputted are an iPod that streams Pandora, a Bennigan’s music streamer and a remote input by the owner’s desk for his audio devices.

Leviton’s commercial UL-rated security system is partitioned into two areas; the restaurant and the basement, which is accessed by a separate entrance, where the dry storage, liquor storage and owners office are located. All consoles are flush mounted for a built-in installation.

There are card readers for access control on the back kitchen door and the dry storage and liquor storage areas using a combination of mag locks and door strikes. The kitchen door has a mag lock on a relay that will disable in the event of a power outage or fire alarm.

There are six Leviton thermostats installed with occupancy based heat and cool schedules. All walk-in coolers and freezers have extended temp sensors with high temperature alarms. A temperature and humidity sensor was installed outside.

With the integration of automation on the phone system, the owner can monitor and control thermostats, music and lighting from his desk. All phones display the current outdoor temperature from the outdoor temp/humidity sensor. Surveillance cameras can be viewed and all systems can be controlled using a PC or an iPhone app with zero monthly fees.