OneTouch Monitor and Control Wireless Bach Pack

Monitor and control your home or bach remotely from your phone and control who has access with the OneTouch Wireless Starter kit now on special for $2595.

It’s all set up, pre-configured and integrated, ready to easily install by yourself in a matter of minutes.

What does it do?
  • Notifications - motion when set to away, door open
  • Security deterrent- Create a lived in look by remotely controlling lighting.
  • Monitor security cameras
  • Lock and unlock the front door
  • Set the pin code for visitors/ guests/ airBnB etc and remove when they have left
Installation Info
  • Place Server Cam anywhere in your home - works on WiFi or wired network
  • Monitor your camera in real time
Included in the pack:

OneTouch App*
*iPhone not included

OneTouch Server NUC

This device is about the size of a router and can sit under your TV or can be connected to a touch screen.

Door lock that can be operated from your phone.

Easily add a user, assign them a pin code, and cancel it when they leave.

Control who can access your house or bach - easily assign and remove codes for visitors, family and friends. 

Perfect for Rentals and AirBnB. 

You can let in a tradesman remotely each time or assign them a code for the duration of the project. 

Vera Z-Wave Gateway

Connects to your Z-Wave devices. If devices are not in range of this gateway or each other you may need to add a Z-Wave repeater or just another Z-Wave device. 

Wireless Switch, secure switch, smart switch. Report on wattage usage, extend range of z-wave network, remote control light or appliance.

A Z-Wave device that can report the wattage energy usage and KWH usage. Up to 16A current of resistive loads. It also acts as a repeater that forwards Z-Wave command messages to destination nodes if the originating controller is out of range from the destination node.

Also a tool that can be programmed, scheduled, controlled and communicated with from anywhere in the world.

Z-Wave PIR (Fibaro)

The z-wave Motion Sensor detects motion, measures the temperature, light intensity and has a built-in accelerometer.

The Motion Sensor is a battery powered device and designed to be installed quickly and easily on any surface.

Additional Upgrade Options:
  • Dimmers and relays (requires installation by electrician and change mech to momentary)
  • Siren
  • Camera
  • Z-Wave garage door control kit

Remotec heat pump controller

Control your "remote" heat pump from your OneTouch App, allowing you to turn your basic programming heat pump into a state of the art home air-conditioning system.

It also has a built in temperature sensor that allows it to see your room temperature

Battery required: 3 x AAA (not included)


MultiSensor 6 has Thermometer, Light sensor, Humidity sensor, Vibration sensor and UV sensor.

Battery operation: 2 x 3v CR123 (not included)

Powered operation: 5v USB cable (supplied)


With Recessor, the impossibly small MultiSensor 6 becomes even more smaller. In fact, it becomes nearly invisible, sitting only mm within a room.


Door / Window Sensor 6

Know if your doors are open or closed with this door/window sensor.

Is a door opened or closed?Have they been opened when they shouldn’t be?

Designed to blend into any home and any décor, Door / Window Sensor 6 has been engineered to make your home smarter. Intelligence is what makes the connected home a smart one. With Door / Window Sensor 6 your Z-Wave system will have intelligence about the key doors and windows in your home. It’ll know when they’re open. It’ll know when they’re shut. And it’ll know when they’ve been opened and they shouldn’t be.

Door / Window Sensor 6 will provide intelligence to 2 of the core tasks that any home intelligence system should be responsible for: its security and its control of your home.


Z-Wave Dimmable LED Light Bulb with RGBW (B22 bayonet fixed)

LED Bulb hasn’t just been engineered to emit the perfect shades of white light complemented by 16 million other colours; it’s been engineered to work as the perfect Z-Wave light bulb.


Fibaro Dimmer 2

Auto detects the bulb type making it the best and most compatible z-wave dimmer for LED lighting. The Fibaro module is a highly configurable z-wave dimmer with features such as energy monitoring, auto-off functionality with soft start and memory of the last lighting level settings.


Fibaro Double Relay (2 x 1.5kw)

Fibaro on / off double relay switch is designed to be installed behind standard wall switch or anywhere else where it is necessary to operate two circuits up to 1.5KW each.


Indoor siren and strobe

will sound a loud siren and flash a strobe light when an alarm message or alert is received on any Z-Wave enabled network.

* Siren for Battery Power

* Audible Alarm >105dB@1m

* LED Strobe Lighting

* LED Status Indicator

* Adjustable Audible and Visual Alarm

* Tamper Switch

* Battery Detection

* Battery Life: 1 Year


What else can it do?
  • OneTouch App can also control your Heos or Sonos wireless audio…
  • Upgrade to a full Omni Alarm and automation panel
  • Control your TVs
  • Media servers
Order the Bach Pack today!

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