OneTouch Smart Home - Aged Care assisted living

OneTouch presents the latest ‘Internet of Things’ technology-Assisted Living Care for the Elderly. 

The solution can be retrofitted to en existing home or built into a new facility. 

It can enable your elderly parent to stay independent in their own home for longer, secure in the knowledge that others are looking out for them 24/7. Using easy to use OneTouch Technology to track daily routines and schedules via non invasive monitoring systems, alerts are sent as soon as anything is out of the ordinary.

Easy to use TV and entertainment, medication reminders, easy skype access and more all help make it easier to keep well and stay in touch.

Big buttons make it easy to control the TV and to access new entertainment options such as Netflix, Ted Talks, radio and music.


  • Stay Independent longer
  • Non invasive monitoring
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Medication Reminders
  • Easy to use TV and Entertainment

For an existing home options include:

  • Leviton Omni Smart Security monitoring - sends notifications based on events such as no motion detected in kitchen by 9AM or 6 hours without the toilet being flushed during the day when the alarm is not set. 
  • Panic pendant, panic buttons
  • Cameras which can be set to only come on after an audiable warning, striking the right balance beween privacy and safety
  • OneTouch Entertainment Controller - connects to your TV and media players such as Apple TV, MySky, Foxtel, DVD player and creates an easy to use universal remote on your iPad or iPhone or Android device. 
  • Control of blinds and other things that an older person may find difficult doing manually. 

For retirement homes and villages:

  • We can design an integrated security, access control, lighting and electrical control system for the facility
  • Independent Living facilities can enjoy monitoring and automation as per "existing homes" above
  • Each room can share access to internet, entertainment, and control systems or they can be customized.
  • The technology systems they are familiar with can follow them to other parts of the facility, such as hospice.