OneTouch Smart Home create adaptable smart homes that evolve with your changing lifestyle, stage of life and new technologies. OneTouch Smart Home is a private company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We supply media and automation hardware, software and services throughout New Zealand.

OneTouch Smart Home offers residential, commercial and aged care integration solutions that provide greater functionality and simplicity while being more cost effective than available alternatives. OneTouch Smart Home customers enjoy comprehensive training and support together with media conversion and installation services providing a real solution for you to enjoy the ever increasing technology options. OneTouch Smart Home has developed OneTouch, a touch screen media server which is often installed in the kitchen or family room in a house or at the main desk or a control station in commercial applications.

OneTouch Smart Home Home Automation

OneTouch Smart Home is highly regarded as a manufacturer of hardware and software products for the automation industry, supplying to many renowned Home Automation businesses throughout New Zealand and the internationally. OneTouch Smart Home has designed extensive documentation which defines the installation requirements for various automation systems. Supporting wiring diagrams, cabling standards, procedures and information is proprietary to OneTouch Smart Home and it's affiliates. The documentation has been fine tuned, tested and proven by our in house team of electricians, technical engineers and software developers, providing ease of installation and implementation for the OneTouch Smart Hometeam and installation partners.

The Story so far...

Rob Willcox founded Seamation in 1998, a company specialising in integrated systems for superyachts. Seamation was bought by Navman in 2002. As Director of Technology at Navman Rob and his team developed a new product range, which was a world first in the use of a touch screen for marine navigation and the integration of entertainment systems with navigation. Over the past 9 years, Rob and his fellow Navman colleague Matthew Brunton have applied their system integration expertise from superyachts to homes. OneTouch Smart Home’s ‘remote control for the home’ is a simple to use touch-screen interface that enables the complexities of running a household to be managed from a smartphone, tablet or OneTouch Smart Home touch screen. Now OneTouch Smart Home has grown to a large team of dedicated technical experts ensuring great up to the minute smart home systems that evolve with your changing lifestyle, needs and new technologies.