ili Limited is a private company based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company supplies media and automation hardware, software and services throughout New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, UK and Europe.

ili is an acronym for ‘Integrating Lifestyle Innovations’.

ili offers residential, retail and commercial integration solutions that provide greater functionality and simplicity while being significantly more cost effective than available alternatives.An holistic philosophy towards service has been adopted whereby ili customers enjoy comprehensive training and support together with media conversion and installation services. This holistic philosophy provides a real solution for you to enjoy the ever increasing technology options.ili has developed OneTouch, a touch screen media server which is often installed in the kitchen or family room in a house or at the main desk or a control station in commercial applications. The OneTouch can also or alternately be installed in other locations throughout the home. OneTouch has our trademarked innovative touch technology software developed by ili that enables the integration of technology to make life more enjoyable. With OneTouch you can maximise comfort and convenience whilst minimising energy consumption.

Let ili show you the future